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Junior Electronic Reader

Junior Electronic Reader

    This is a Language integrated unit that lasted 10 week but could have gone a lot longer if we had carried on with the students suggestions on how we could improve the end product.
    This unit was designed to help children understand how we learn to read.

    The task was to learn about how we learn and then create a multimedia resources that could be used by the junior school to help them learn to read.

    There was a big focus on how we learn and what tools help us learn.

    Below is a part of the unit plan to give you an idea of how this unit worked. Under that is the full unit plan and all resources that I used.

    Please be aware that I did this unit in 2005 in a two computer classroom both of which we very old but it can be done.


    The Big Question (unit Focus/Task)
    How can we help the juniors improve their learning of reading?

    Design and produce a junior reader accompanied by an audio recording. Transfer this into a multimedia learning application.

    Broad Learning Sequence

    Motivating Activity


    Brain Storm


    Learning Activities/Sequence

    Picture book PMI Scamper


    Brainstorm Mindmap


    *What are some of the skills juniors need to help them to learn to read?

    *What things can we include in a Picture book, Audio Cd or multimedia application that will teach these skills? Eg.


          text size


          number of words

          word/reading level



    Collect Examples of junior reader, Audio recordings and multimedia application.

    Create a list of characteristics of each product.


    Find 2-3 Experts who could assist us in the production of our product.

    Survey our experts on what they see as the skills needed and methods used to improve juniors reading.

    Write Interview questions.


    Organise information gathered from interview.



    Decide on what Level of reader will be our target market.


    Set criteria as a whole class of what will be required. One fro product and the other for production.


    Write a Job list/Action Plan for each group.



    Produce product.


    1)      Create a draft copy on story board.

    2)      Assess text used using criteria. Modify.

    3)      Transfer Story Board draft to MS Power Point.

    4)      Create Audio recording of finished text.

    5)      Merge audio recording and PowerPoint to create and multimedia application.

    6)      Burn all three to cd and Print hard Copy of book.

    7)      Produce support material to accompany resource. I.e. how to use this resource. Could be included in CD case.



    Test and Assess. Validate the usefulness of product using a small sample group of juniors and our experts.


    Make available to public.



    Full Unit Plan
    Zip file off all other Sheets including graphic organisers
    Examples  of  end product: Examples 1, Examples 2




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