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Destination World - A NZ School Journal Project. Years 5-8

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Destination World - A NZ School Journal Project.

Years 5-8

28 countries, 18 activities, 63 NZ School Journal stories/articles, weeks of fun and learning.

DESTINATION WORLD is an engaging and motivating reading project where students travel around the world reading learning about different countries and cultures. They get to utilise the many NZ School Journals that school have access

At each country they will be able to choose an engaging reading task that will earn them departure tax (NZ Money). The better they do the task the more money you can give them. Run this project as independent activities, differentiated group work or cooperative learning tasks.

Task List:

NZ Interactive Starter Story Cube, Wanted Poster ,Character Grid, Venn Diagram, Quiz cards, Word Cloud, Word Find, Y Chart, Post Card, Story Interactive, Movie Story Board, Write a story,  Point of View, Parts of Speech ,Write a Letter, Comic Strip, Crossword

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