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MS Excel Assesment Book

Excel Assessment Book

    This is a project that Terry Brock (Maungatapere School, Whangarei) started and has been working on for several years.  I have made my own version using Excel 2007 and continue to work with Terry to improve and add to this..

     It basically replaces the blue assessment book (NZ) that most teachers use.

    This is kind of a SMS but not online. It allows you to personalise your assesments. using this there is no waiting for yoru SMS company to make up a tempale you can do it all your self.
    This MS Excel sheet is aimed at a teachers day to day assessment and management. It uses hyperlinks between sheets to make excel act a bit like a website.
    It includes automatic colour coding of data so that the teacher is easily able to see patterns in the results.
    This example is just some basic pages to start with but the concept can be taken much further. There is a "How To?' page in the excel file but if you want to do anything else or find out how I did it just Google it and you will find a way to do it.

    Excel 2007 Version             Excel 2003 Version (some features do not work)


Screen Shots.

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Excel Assesment Sheet

  • ScreenHunter_02 Aug. 11 14.39.jpg - <p>Home Page. Click on the Link to go to the area you want. Fully customisable.</p> ScreenHunter_03 Aug. 11 14.41.jpg - <p>Numeracy I Can Sheet with automatic colour coding on data entry.</p> pic06 Aug. 11 03.17.jpg - <p>Age generator. Very helpful when you need to know how old a child is in years and months.</p> pic07 Aug. 11 03.21.jpg - <p>Basic facts record sheet. With dropdown boxes and with automatic colour coding on data entry.</p> 
  • pic08 Aug. 11 03.24.jpg -  pic09 Aug. 11 03.52.jpg - <p>Running record results sheet. Includes automatic colour coding if the child is at, above or below their chronological Reading age.</p>



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