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Excell how to

Excel How To

    Here are a few trick for Excel users.
    (This is part of the excel assessment book)


    Freeze Panes.
    Like in the basic facts test sheet I have frezzed the criteria at the top so you are able to scroll down the names but retain the criteria at the top. To do this you click on the column or row you want to lock and go to "VIEW", "FREEZE PANE"


    Adding colour coding.
    Go to the "Home" (excel 2007) and look for "Conditional Formating" in there you can add in vales and their colour.


    Drop down lists
    click here:


    Multi lines in a cell
    To drop down one line in a cell (bullet point) click ALT ENTER


    Call Data/info from another sheet.
    ='I Can CA'!D4  
    click = where you wan t data to appear. click sheet that data is on. Click first cell of data wanted. Hit enter(brings you back to sheet you are creating). Then drag right bottom of cell to get the rest of the data.



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