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Website Management Systems CMS

Website Management Systems or Content Management Systems CMS

If you are wanting to run a website but don't want the hassle of using Dreamweaver or Frontpage with the constant uploading, then a CMS is what you need.
Basically a CMS allows you to do your adding and editing of your website online, similar to a blog or wiki. My website that you are on is made with a CMS.

There are many CMS systems about but the two I would suggest are ones that have worked.

1) CMS Made Simple (This site is made with CMS Made Simple)
2) Zimplit


If you want furture information or help with installing a CMS I am avalible. I have already implemented several schools and other websites with both of these CMS systems

1) CMS Made Simple is a much more involved system. It is not as easy to install and you most likely need someone with web experience to do it for you. It requires MySquil Database and PHP.
Basically it looks similar to Bloggers backend but you can personalise and change everything because it is Open Source.  You can also import any file type into it, embed files and run a whole lot of different apps to make your site amazing.
There is a huge list of add in that you can use, from blog engines, photo galleries, form makes and even a Twitter plugin and much more.
The templating is really interesting. you can use one of their basic range or turn any other template into one that can be used. Like Zimplit to make your own or one you have found online into one that will work on CMS Made Simple all you have to do is add a few of their "Tags" and it works. The best thing with this system is that there are thousands of free templates out there that are amazing. My website included.

 CMS Made Simple

pic17 Aug. 11 06.54.jpg -   pic23 Aug. 11 07.04.jpg -  pic21 Aug. 11 07.01.jpg -

pic22 Aug. 11 07.04.jpg -   pic19 Aug. 11 07.00.jpg -


2) Zimplit is a very basic CMS. All you do is download the files from the website and upload them back to your website. All you need is PHP capability and to set some permissions. Once it is uploaded the you open the setup file and fill in a basic username and password form. this then creates all that you need. Once into the system then you can choose one of their templates or if you know a little about HTML you can add their tags to your own site template. Go to to see an example of a basic template from Zimplit. They also have a full list of their templates on their site.
Once all is installed and you log in it has a very simple editing bar similar to a wiki and you can add and change your own content. It also allows you to upload files such as PDF straight into your website which make adding newsletters really easy. Zimplit also creates your navigation automatically so no worrying about updating pages individually. There are very simple but good user manuals that will show you how to do everything.
Draw backs. It does need some permissions changed on your web host server but that is easily sorted. It is partially hosted by Zimplit so if they went under so would your website.


pic25 Aug. 11 07.20.jpg -  pic26 Aug. 11 07.21.jpg - pic28.jpg -  

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Here are some screen shots:

Again all you menu item are done for you but you can customise everything through CSS and templates.
This is a great system if you are into Web Design and know a little code.

Here are some screen shots.

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