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TTRA 2011

Yaron Overeems Favourite Langauge Sites. 
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Classroom Blog -
Inquire-IT is our digital portal, where we display and record our classroom learning.
Along with the main blog we have Inquire-It-Writing and Inquire-IT-Photo Blogs.
Language Based activities in our blog:
Blogger of the week; Each week two students are chosen to be our “Blogger of the week.” they are excused from all regular classwork and instead follow a sheet of Blogger Tasks. These task range from writing a weekend recount, a parent childhood memory of school, photos, student profiles, reviewing other classroom blogs, and problem solving questions of the week. 
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Writing Blog; When students add a published piece of writing to the writing blog they add the introduction to the main blog with a link back to the entire story on the writing blog.
Commenting; Students are encouraged to comment on as many posts as they can. This allows positive feedback for students work. Commenting is part of homework.
Snuggle bag; this is a bag of five chapter books chosen by the teacher that is given to student to take home. The bag has a few treats in it too. They choose one book to read for the week and do a small book promotion template (See Snuggle Bag sheet). They then go onto the blog and add their book to the Shelfari widget. This widget is made by Amazon and automatically adds a picture of the book you want onto a virtual bookshelf. When clicked on the student’s review of the book pops up. This task replaces the student’s regular homework.
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Other Online Resources
WorkSheet Guenius -
Create a range of langauge/spelling worsheets. Great for picking spelling list with specific phonetical paterns.
Super Teacher Worksheets -

A masive range of premade worksheets and teaching tools. Extreemly easy to navigate. A whole seriers of leveled text with comprehension questions and answers sheets. Great for studetns Level 10 to 12 years reading age.
It also has a variety of reading, writing , spelling and langauge respourses.
Story Jumper -
Story jumper is an online flash book maker. It allows you to create a flash based, page turning, picture book that looks and reacts like a real book. This is great for getting students away from just publishing in a word processor and it allows them to share their work with others.
Zoo Burst -
This is a 3D online flash book maker. It is amazing! You create a book and add your story to it. You then create 3D pop up like characters and props. Create for creative publishing and you can embed it into your own website.
Example: viewer.php?book=zb0_4db38744bbbf4
Study Ladder -
A mixture of maths and literacy resources. Sign up your class and set task for them to complete. This site keeps track of student progress and is easy to facilitate. Great in your reading or maths rotations.
Sparkel Box – New Zealand -
As a whole sparkelbox ( website is a gem but now it also includes New Zealand resources.
Go animate -
Go Animate is a virtual comic book maker. You can create and amazing array of environments and characters to make into a moving, talking and animated comic. Great for retelling stories, creating simple narratives, or making informative reports and explanations.
Spelling City -
Great little site where you can sign up your class and have them type in their spelling list and the website will make interactive games using that list. Great fro spelling practice, homework sheet activity, or reading rotaion activity.
Boggle Flash
While not a website it is a great ne bit of technology. Create words from mini computers that display a mixture of letters. Retails for between $40 and $65. Look on trademe, wharehouse website or at The Wharehouse itself. Shop around. Example:




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