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Wiki Challenge

Wiki Challenge

    This is a great Idea to get your Staff or Class to have fun making a wiki and learning how to add all the special features.

    Word Version: Download Here


    Wiki Challenge     
    Group Wiki Address:____________________________________
    Over the next few weeks you are going to work in a team of three (randomly picked) to make a wiki.
    You are to complete the following tasks and then present them on your wiki to the rest of the staff.
    Be as creative and imaginative as possible.
    Task 1
    Set up a wiki. You may use one that you already have or create a new one.
    Create a page for every task. The following may be done in any order.
    Task 2: On your home page add a photo of your group in a place in the school that you don’t usually visit.
    Task 3: Scan and add to your wiki the cover and one story from either Junior Journal 22, 27 or 30.
    Task 4: take photo/scan and add to your wiki a photo of the school logo.
    Task 5: with your digital camera film one of you stealing (borrowing) someone else’s pen!
    (Points will be deducted if you are caught)
    Task 6: Make as many words out of these letters and add them to your wiki.
                    S, C, H, O, O, L, H, O, U, S, E
    Task 7: Go to and find a funny Barack Obama video and add it to your wiki.
    (Tutorial here, )
    Task 8: Make a link (hyperlink) to the staff page on the school website.
    Task 9: Take a photo of each team member and add a creative effect using
    The winners of the challenge will be judged on two areas:
    1) completion of the tasks
    2) creativity and style
    The winners of this challenge will rewarded with a substantial food reward. (Bribery is allowed)
    Completed Task 5 points
    Creativity and Style out of 10
    Task 1
    Task 2:
    Task 3:
    Task 4:
    Task 5:
    Task 6:
    Task 7:
    Task 8:
    Task 9:



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